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Korean Vegetarian Cuisine in Singapore

Soul Veggie – Food for our Soul

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Soul Veggie – Korean Vegetarian Cuisine in Singapore

Located at 3 Temple Street Singapore 058556, We are an epicurean vegetarian café with strong Korean influence. When you hear of us, think ‘‘100% Natural, Delicious Korean Vegetarian Meals’.

The bosom of Mother Nature provides us with everything we could possibly need. We serve foods that are minimally processed, no added artificial flavorings, additives and preservatives while trying our darnest to make it as delicious as possible. Each of our dishes is made from scratch in our very own kitchen down to the basic stocks and sauces, you will never be able to find ready-made sauces in our kitchen. Yay!

Why Soul Veggie – Korean Vegetarian Cuisine in Singapore

Our kitchen procures the healthiest, freshest produces and ingredients from the market available for that day. So, our menu will depend on ingredient availability because our chef will only cook with the best ingredients!

Each and every ingredient in our menu is carefully selected conforming to the strictest vegetarian meat-free diet. We do not use Garlic and Onion in our dishes and most of dishes are vegan-friendly, just ask our servers for more information.

We believing in serving real food and real foods will heal your soul.

Our Lovable Chef! Soul Veggie – Korean Vegetarian Cuisine in Singapore

Our chef is Kim Se Rak, he has 20 years of experience working in Korean and Japanese cuisine, an environment with strict learning cultures. It has ingrained into him the highest standard and beliefs of proper food preparation and using only the freshness of ingredients. Chef Se Rak has intimate knowledge about anything food and is strongly passionate about his work but he can be oh-so stubborn at times this means whatever we have is of the best quality that a café can serve!

Chef Se Rak has always preferred a healthy plant-based diet over meats and he was naturally able to personally hand crafted and conceptualized the tasty wholesome Korean Vegetarian menu that we have here in Soul Veggie. Each dish we serve is have strong traditional Korean roots these are then adapted to a meat-free vegetarian version.

With love <3<3<3, TEAM Soul Veggie

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