About Soul Veggie

Our Food philosophy

Soul Veggie is a Korean vegetarian concept based on the ancient philosophy of yin yang or eum yang in Korean. Yin and Yang are forces that are both opposing and complementary; together, they govern the universe. As Yin and Yang should ideally be balanced, the Five Elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth should also be present and in balance with each other. These elements are associated with our internal organs and in turn with various colours and flavours present in food and. In the body, these Five Elements represent the five major organs – the Lungs, the Liver, the Kidneys, the Heart and the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas. One of the best ways to create balance and harmony in the body is to eat more foods that correspond to all the Five Colours: White, Green, Black, Red and Yellow; and to the Five Flavours: Savoury, Sour, Salty, Bitter and Sweet. A good meal therefore is not just eating vegetarian but also about the ideal harmony of different ingredients.

Our Ethos

We want to create high quality, vegetarian versions of authentic Korean dishes that are not only balanced but more importantly, delicious at an affordable price. This would help our customers to stay happy and healthy and at the same time, also encourages more to go meat-free and stay meat-free.
We also believe that eating natural is good for the health of the individual. We strive not to use processed ingredients as far as possible in our dishes. For instance, we do not use MSG or white sugar to flavour our dishes.

Our Chef

Chef Kim Se Rak is an experienced chef from Korea with more than 20 years’ experience in Japan, Korea and Singapore.
He has been the Head Chef for several famous Korean restaurants in Singapore where he trained many chefs in authentic Korean cuisine.
He has taken on the formidable challenge of reinterpreting Korean cuisine and succeeded in creating a vegetarian-friendly gastronomic spread while retaining the authenticity, balance and taste of Korean cuisine. His personal conviction that he would never serve food that he would not eat and his high standard of hygiene in food preparation mean that you would always be served tasty and authentic Korean dishes of high quality in Soul Veggie.

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